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Jane facial rig video has reached 10,000 views on YouTube almost in a week!! It’s being shared on many Facebook pages, and 3D websites. Thanks to all of you guys for the amazing support! :)



Before I start talking about the advanced rigging class, I would like to talk a little bit about the first time I met Chris Pagoria during my visit to Blue Sky Studios in March. Chris was with Sabine Heller when she came to pick me up from the train station in Connecticut. I had a great first impression of Chris as a very friendly, energetic, cooperative person, and of course an amazing rigger. Chris made sure that I was happy and doing well in New York City, he sent me so many recommendations of places to visit and he took me for a tour around downtown Manhattan. During our time together, I had the pleasure to chat with him about facial rigging, and this motivated me to enroll in his facial rigging class at AnimSchool.


If you are familiar with facial rigging using blendshapes, you definitely know how tedious is creating combos (corrected shapes) for the rig, and the most painful is to do edits for these shapes. Because of that I wrote easyCombo script.

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